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Terry Douris visits HITS

Terry Douris visits HITS

September 25, 2023

Hertfordshire Interpreting and Translation Service (HITS), a well-known local social enterprise in Hertfordshire, recently had the honor of welcoming Terry Douris, chairperson of Hertfordshire County Council (HCC). This visit marked a significant moment for HITS, a key supplier of interpretation services to Herts County Council, highlighting the close collaboration between local government and social enterprises.

During his visit, Councilor Douris gained an insightful look at the workings of HITS. This organization is not just a service provider; it is a beacon of community support and involvement. HITS stands out not only for its high-quality interpretation and translation services but also for its commitment to social responsibility. As a social enterprise, HITS plays a pivotal role in supporting charitable projects within the Dacorum area, demonstrating a strong dedication to the local community.

The services offered by HITS extend beyond the realms of local government, reaching into vital areas such as the NHS, charities, and various businesses. This broad spectrum of service is a testament to the versatility and importance of HITS in facilitating communication across different sectors. The organization’s expertise in interpretation ensures that essential services within Hertfordshire and beyond are accessible to everyone, regardless of language barriers.

What truly sets HITS apart is its altruistic business model. All profits generated by HITS help the charitable arm Community Action Dacorum. This not only exemplifies the organization’s commitment to social welfare but also creates a cycle of giving that benefits the wider community.

Terry’s visit underscores the importance of such social enterprises today. By bridging gaps in communication and funneling profits back into charitable causes, HITS represents the epitome of a business with a heart. The visit by the chairperson of HCC serves as a powerful reminder of how local government and social enterprises can work hand in hand for the betterment of the community.

As HITS continues its commendable work, its impact resonates not just through its professional services, but through its contribution to a kinder, more connected society.

If you would to find out more about HITS, CAD social enterprses or any of the topics covered in this story, please call Community Action Dacorum on 01442 253 935 or visit our website at

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