Our Mission and Values

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We work in the areas of Community | Employability | Wellbeing 

Our vision is that Community Action Dacorum will be the local leader in the provision and coordination of high quality, good value, community services, to the people of Dacorum and beyond, addressing identified social needs in the areas of Communities, Employment, and Wellbeing. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a positive difference to the quality of lives of people in Dacorum and beyond.  We achieve this by working directly and indirectly to provide impactful services that support vulnerable people.  On a practical basis we: 

  • support local organisations to deliver their services more effectively and efficiently;
  • improve the life chances of those seeking employment, developing their careers, or moving into retirement;
  • improve the quality of life of local residents through our wellbeing programmes. 

Our Core Values and Beliefs

We believe that Community Organisations play a vital role in an inclusive society by:

  • Listening to and respecting others’ ideas and aspirations
  • Giving everyone the right to equality of opportunity and the chance to make a contribution
  • Committing to quality in all that we do and emphasising throughout our activities that quality matters
  • Bringing people and organisations together to deliver greater benefits
  • Encouraging and valuing the widespread participation of volunteers in the organisation
  • Working always in an ethical and responsible manner
  • Responding to the need for change in a timely and responsible way
  • Seeking to develop new initiatives which address developing social needs
  • Valuing, supporting and appreciating our staff team so that we are an employer of choice