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Networking event

As the local Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) one of our main purposes is to coordinate the voluntary sector response in Dacorum. This can take many forms, from bringing together conferences and events that allow people to network or learn about something, to championing volunteering activities locally.

We represent Dacorum’s voluntary sector locally, regionally and nationally to ensure that the borough has a voice and that as a borough we hear what is happening.

During the pandemic CAD proved their versatility and how quickly they could be mobilised by providing volunteers to deliver food, prescriptions and befriending calls to help those isolated and vulnerable, all within days of the lock downs being announced. The sector was ready and jumped in to help support local people during a crisis. We in Dacorum have had serious emergencies to respond to in the past including the Buncefield explosions and the crisis in the Ukraine that brought to the area many homeless families. We are still providing English classes and support to the refugees still in the area as well as support to Asylum seekers based locally awaiting clearance.

We represent the Dacorum charity sector by attending national and local emergency response meetings to ensure we are in the loop and part of any emergency arrangements, ready for whatever comes our way. The legacy of the Covid pandemic sees us with a database of 1000 local people who signed up and were checked out to volunteer at the vaccination centres, all happy to stay on the register to be called upon in emergencies.
As part of the cost of living emergency we have teamed with the local authority and other voluntary organisations to provide monthly drop in sessions with information and help accessed via the Roundhouse in the town centre.

For more information on our drop ins please email leanne@communityactiondacorum.org.uk or visit our page dedicated to the cost of living.