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Connect Dacorum was established in 2006 by local businesses by a need to be more involved in their community.

We create, facilitate and broker business engagement and support to benefit the local community as well as connecting all our members to create meaningful partnerships.

Connect Dacorum makes this engagement an easy process for businesses removing some of the barriers to engaging in corporate social responsibility and community involvement projects. Our service ensures the community really benefit from the effort invested by our partners.

We work closely with the voluntary, community and public sectors to understand the needs of the community and create innovative ways that business and their employees can get involved in. This relates both to social, economic and environmental issues.

We are widely respected and utilised by local businesses for our unique knowledge, information, advice and expertise as a way to help the local community. We offer consultancy and membership packages to businesses.

Our activities are based on in-kind support, helping charities with your skills, time and resources as well as reciprocal benefit relationships such as sponsorship.

Membership of Connect Dacorum is through subscriptions from all of the companies mentioned on the Our members page.

77% of customers are committed to making the world a better place

Connect Dacorum promotes the active involvement of local businesses to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility activities through topics such as:

  • Volunteering
  • Environment
  • School Support
  • Giving

“The great success of Connect Dacorum continues to be the mix of great businesses, charities and statutory organisations that all help each other out.”

How to join

Complete our online form to register your interest in joining.  We will then arrange a meeting to discuss how your business would like to be involved in the community and membership packages.

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