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Creative Partnership Initiative to Empower Young People


The Project


Working together we can achieve more than working apart. This is a true in anything we do.

Across Europe local communities engage and support young people to fulfil their potential to develop their career, education, healthy lifestyles and become active and responsible citizens. To achieve positive outcomes for young people it is important that key local stakeholders, such as schools, colleges, municipalities, NGOs, sport clubs and businesses, work effectively in partnership rather than isolation. When all or a combination of these groups collaborate creatively together they can make a more meaningful impact in shaping the citizens of tomorrow.

The project proposal is to enable partners to share current good practice on effective co-operation to harness CSR or other opportunities to benefit young people, develop new ideas to pilot in their local area, share the pilot outcome and provide recommendations which can be developed further in future projects.

The project has been funded through the Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Programme and will see partners from Cyprus, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Romania working together in two training courses and piloting activity at a local level.

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For further details, E-Mail...

Musarat Inayat Alison May

Project Partners

Partners are from


Cyprus : Organization for Promotion of European Issues

Latvia : Jaunplis novada Dome

Italy : EURO-NET

UK: Community Action Dacorum

Poland : Fundacja Centrum Aktywnisci Tworczej

Romania : Clubul Sportiv Experienta Multisport


The information


The project is funded under Erasmus +

For more information please contact the Project Manager Musarat Inayat at musarat1@communityactiondacorum.org.uk or +44 1442 253935

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Project Stages


Stage 1 – Venue Jaunpils, Latvia – Training Course from 3rd to 11th June 2017 to include two representatives per partner, who are youth workers active as staff / volunteers in municipalities / NGOs or Sport Clubs. The purpose of Stage 1:

• Introductions and showcase of host location

• Present the model of using business CSR activities to benefit local schools through practical time limited projects

• Share current good practice and techniques to effectively engage young people

• Identify the attributes of successful co-operation and how to maximise these

• Prepare and plan for pilot local activities

• Develop networks for co-operation through the pilot stage

• Overview of the Erasmus+ Programme and ideas for future project co-operation

Stage 2 – Local pilot of an initiative to bring together stakeholders with the outcome of young people developing healthier lifestyles, community activity and their own competence, capabilities and employability skills. The initiative will include a range of stakeholders from different sectors, including as a minimum the partner organisation, a local business and one other stakeholder - Average number of young people participating in local initiatives - 10 per partner x 6 partners = 60

Stage 3 – Venue Hemel Hempstead, UK in November 2017 – Training Course to include two representatives per partner, who are youth workers active as staff / volunteers in municipalities / NGOs or Sport Clubs. The purpose of Stage 3:

• Introductions and showcase of host location

• To share Stage 1 dissemination of Stage 1 and outcomes of Stage 2 pilot sessions

• Analyse together what worked well and what could have been delivered in a different style to improve the outcome

• Identify good practice and create a guide to support other agencies throughout Europe engage in cross-sector activities

• Visit local schools, NGOs and businesses to understand the approach of local stakeholders

• Overview of the Erasmus+ Programme and develop future project ideas

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