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What is Sociability?


SociABILITY aims to provide valuable internship experience in Dacorum for young people from the Lazio area of Italy, a region supported by the EU with a project designed to provide its young people with opportunities for training and personal development.  Internships can provide valuable experience abroad, helping the young person to acquire professional, technical and linguistic skills that provide them with a professional and competitive edge in the national and international labour market.

The project provides these opportunities for young people over the age of 19 and with a qualification in public health from the project’s ten partner countries.  Each partner is offering a number of internships and will host young people from a partner country for up to one month at a time.


The objectives


The main objective is to provide a cross-cultural experience, whilst developing the interns’ technical and professional competences with ‘on the job’ experience in social services and community work.   At the same time, they can experience and then compare how and why what they observe is similar or different from in Italy.  Ultimately, they have the chance to learn new ideas that they can eventually use in their chosen career.




















The role of Community Action Dacorum


Community Action Dacorum – working as the Dacorum Council for Voluntary Service Ltd (UK) – is one of partners who have agreed to offer this shared experience.  The young people will have the chance to experience at first hand some of the services we, and our associate organisations, provide.  

This might include accompanying elderly beneficiaries on shopping trips; taking part in conservation and environmental projects or visiting clubs and other services for young people.  In addition, they will learn about the Erasmus + project, gain a cultural understanding of the UK, and have the chance to present a show on Radio Dacorum which will improve their linguistic and presentation skills.  

The visitors will undoubtedly gain in confidence and improve their social skills in a working environment as a result of this experience.

For further details, E-Mail...

Project Partners


The partners are from:


-Spain: Asociacion Cazalla-Intercultural;

-France: Pistes Solidaires;

-UK: Dacorum Council for Voluntary Service Ltd;

-Romania: Asociatia Nationala de Dezvoltare Continua a Tineretului din Romania;

-Portugal: Associacao Juvenil De Peniche;

-Portugal: Associação Mais Cidadania;

-Spain: SInter Europa Rioja: Jvenes Europeos Intercambiando Europa;

-Spain: Fundacin Escuela de Solidaridad;

-Spain: Asociacion Mundus – Un Mundo A Tus Pies;

-Poland: Fundacja Centrum Aktywnosci Tworczej.



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For more information please contact Musarat Inayat: musarat1@communityactiondacorum.org.uk or 01442 253935.

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