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Project Introduction


New Horizons is a 2 years strategic partnership which started in September 2016. The project is funded under Erasmus + Adult Education and involves 7 organizations from 7 different European countries: Catro Bulgaria EOOD (BULGARIA), Tribli Ltd (IRELAND), Die Berater (AUSTRIA), Defoin (SPAIN), IMS Research & development Centre (CYPRUS), University of Thessaly - UTH (GREECE), Community Action Dacorum (UNITED KINGDOM). The project addresses the needs of a very specific and at the same time heterogeneous target group - people who have acquired disability after an accident or illness.

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Project Partners

Partners are from


UK : Community Action Dacorum

Spain : Defoin

Greece: University of Thessaly

Ireland: Tribli Limited

Bulgaria : Catro Bulgaria EOOD

Cyprus: IMS Research & Development Center

Austria : Die Berater









The project is funded under Erasmus + Sports (Project ref : 2016-1-BG01-KA204-023759) The Italy partner is lead on this project and the other organisations taking part in the project are from across sectors and we are looking forward to working with them. The kick off meeting in Italy where all partners came together to agree the action plan and how the project will be delivered.  


For more information please contact the Project Manager Musarat Inayat at musarat1@communityactiondacorum.org.uk or +44 1442 253935



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Project background


The lack of data about the support these people would need to re-integrate in the society and labour market is evident, not only on EU, but also on national level. However the statistics clearly state that one in six people in the EU has a disability that ranges from mild to severe making around 80 million who are often prevented from taking part fully in society and the economy  due to environmental and attitudinal barriers (European Disability Strategy 2010-2020). Most disabilities develop during the adult life and many of those are not visible (Employment and Disability – Back to Work, 2004).



The project has following key values at its core: holistic approach, involvement of all partners, distribution of tasks according to the areas of expertise of each partner, orientation towards Competence oriented Learning, promotion of Validation of Formal and Informal Learning for all target groups and final beneficaries, Impact on EU level:









The outputs of the project can be easily adapted and used in other European countries, through the networks of the participating partner organizations.

Spain Cyprus

The project


The project’s aims is to support the needs of the long-term unemployed people who have some disabling physical illness or injury via a career counselling programme which will foster theirs self-awareness, self-confidence and self-motivation to identify and grasp new opportunities to develop themselves in personal and professional terms;

increase their employability skills as well as of those who are at risk of loosing their job due to permanent absence due to health problems by helping them by finding new career paths or making their own business ideas come true.


Address the equality issue through disseminating project good practices in round tables with relevant stakeholders and promoting inclusive education and training enhance the professional qualification of the counsellors by helping them develop  stronger awareness and sensitivity for working with people with disadvantaged background


The project intends to establish online social tool which should not only serve as e-learning platform to assist both counsellors and long-term unemployed in the implementation of the career counselling programme but also encourage them to share ideas, exchange experience and to find emotional, personal and professional support


Online Tool

Thus, the holistic approach of New Horizons will foster the overall integration of long-term unemployed people with acquired disabilities and their full participation in the society.

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Empower yourself booklet (Click on image)

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