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Project Partners


Partners are from


Italy : CESIE

UK : Community Action Dacorum

Cyprus : GrantExpert

Greece : ACP

Lithuenia : SIF


More information


The project is funded under Erasmus +

For more information please contact the Project Manager, Musarat Inayat,

at musarat1@communityactiondacorum.org.uk

or +44 1442 253935

European Website

Facebook Musarat Inayat Alison May Penny Clifton

My HandsCraft


A lack of language and other basic skills, a low educational background or a lack of transferable job qualifications, as well as cultural and social barriers (like weak social networks and poor digital skills which are fundamental for job seeking) represent barriers preventing the integration of migrants into the labour market. On the other hand there is biased perception, exploitation and a consequent untapped potential of the skills that many migrants possess.



My HandsCraft aims to develop an arts-based education programme for low-skilled adults with a migrant background. It will be a high quality learning opportunity, that through exchange and cooperation with local handcrafters, will support their social integration, enhance their key competences and develop basic skills, foster peer learning, unleash creativity and intercultural dialogue.



The programme will also address art and handicraft learners who need to improve their creative potential. Their entrepreneurial and intercultural competences should improve by the means of innovative approaches to lifelong learning.



The third group who will be impacted by My HandsCraft will be educators. They will improve their competences in promoting migrants as an invaluable source of knowledge and as artists who have a vital role in maintaining traditions in society. Educators, by dint of pedagogy and practice, will also improve their people skills to work better with people with different cultural backgrounds.



The main objective is to build an online learning platform. It will contain an online educational programme, a handbook for adult educators, a digital guide for handcrafters, participants portfolios, updates and a My Handscraft film. In five participating countries there will be a total of 13 workshops that will contain training on entrepreneurial skills with an action plan specific to every participant. During the workshops participants will also create their portfolios.



To summarise, this project has five objectives. First of all, it aims to create an attractive education and training programme to improve the basic skills and employability of migrants to facilitate their integration. Secondly, it aims to upskill or reskill migrants and local crafters and encourage them to collaborate with each other. In addition, it will enhance adult educators competences and lead to cooperation between local handicrafters and migrants, that will contribute to their integration. Last but not least, it will encourage and support the spreading of culture.

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