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Project Partners


Partners are from


Italy : Youth Europe Service,

Basilicata Press and Coriss

UK : Community Action Dacorum

Bulgaria : NC Badeshte Sega 2006

Turkey : Kirsehir il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu

Greece : Auth




More information


The project is funded under Erasmus +

For more information please contact the Project Manager, Musarat Inayat,

at musarat1@communityactiondacorum.org.uk

or +44 1442 253935

European Website

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The refugee crisis across Europe continues into 2019, with many countries at the receiving end of

large numbers of people fleeing persecution, poverty, climate change and trying to reach security and a better life.


Seven partner organisations in Italy, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and the UK have got together to

collaborate on a new project, starting in November 2018, that is designed to find ways to improve the integration of refugees into their host countries.


The project


The project aims to find and exchange good practice ideas on how to improve the integration of

refugees and migrants into new communities. It also aims to increase the skills and abilities of the people working with them, developing new and innovative tools and methodologies. At the same time, it will raise awareness of the physiological and social needs of refugees, and encourage citizens to take a more active role in helping people who are seeking a better life in thier country.





















What we will do


Over a period of 24 months, the partners will undertake a combination of project meetings and staff training events. Partners will work with local stakeholders and establish local networks of

professionals and volunteers working in the field. A variety of events will be held including language courses and multicultural festivals in each country, and - importantly - partners will develop a strategy to disseminate the outcomes through radio, video, newsletters, leaflet and an ebook – all designed to share the results of the project as widely as possible.


The project will directly involve refugees and migrants throughout.

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