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Project Introduction


Learning from Intercultural Storytelling (LISTEN) is a 2 year strategic partnership project starting December 2016. The project aims to integrate refugees in their local communities through telling their stories to a wider audience.

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Project Partners


Partners are from


Germany : Bupnet

UK : Community Action Dacorum

Austria : Verein Multikulturell

Italy : CESIE

Greece: Active Citizens Partnerships




More information


The project is funded under Erasmus +

For more information please contact the Project Manager, Musarat Inayat,

at musarat1@communityactiondacorum.org.uk

or +44 1442 253935

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The Project


LISTEN focuses on using radio as a means of telling refugees' stories, ultimately helping them to integrate into the community. This draws on Radio Dacorum's expertise in understanding and using radio as a medium to host and interview people willing describe their experiences of being a refugee.


Through storytelling, refugees can express themselves and share their life stories with the hosting community. Storytelling aids personal development and learning, and has the potential to unite different parts of a community through interactive and personal communication.


This approach helps to build a bridge between refugees and the community. Storytelling can be defined as a window into the culture from which refugees come. It can help society to “think outside the box”, be more sensitive, comprehensive and empathetic to the culture the refugees come from.


LISTEN's storytelling techniques are seen as an educational strategy in adult learning.  When applied to a radio environment, it demands from those who narrate a certain level of communication, language ability, exposition and social skills.  



During the project lifetime four transnational meetings are taking place with workshops to determine the best ways of collecting stories and training those involved.


The piloting phase  involves 15-20 refugees in each country taking part in storytelling activities which are prepared for radio broadcast.


LISTEN covers the following areas: research, validation system, development of training modules for trainers and multipliers, delivering the training course, national pilots, storytelling training modules, audio book of collection of refugees life stories (LISTEN Award), development of the LISTEN web portal, dissemination, sustainability and quality assurance.

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