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The UK, in common with most of Europe, has an increasingly ageing population.  We are living longer, and it is important that this increased longevity is matched with a good quality of life and active ageing.  We need to take steps to ensure that our older citizens remain independent, contribute to society, have active minds and interests and a strong sense of self-worth and value.


Lifelong learning is an important contributor in ensuring people stay active as they age, giving them a sense of purpose to leave the house.  Volunteering also helps to keep people active and engaged in their community, helping to ensure they do not become socially isolated and ultimately increasing the circle of friends they can rely on.


This project aims to build on the existing capacity and skills of the partner organisations, share their expertise and  experiences and ultimately improve further their work with older people.  


The target group will be people aged over fifty, with no maximum age limit as you are never too old to learn. The participants might be employed part-time, retired or unemployed but will share in common a feeling of being isolated and in need of improving their literacy, numeracy or digital skills.

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Project Partners


The partners are from


UK: Community Action Dacorum

France: Pistes Solidaires

Italy: Replay

Latvia: Gulbene Municpality

Poland: Frederacja FOSA

Portugal: AMC


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What the project will do


Community Action Dacorum will work with partners to research, create and deliver a course, support NGOs working with senior volunteers, train seniors and support them into volunteering at a local level.  We will publish a guide on senior volunteering and good practice recommendations from the project.  We will publicise the results, contribute to the ongoing debate and provide other learning providers and community organisations with the tools to work with older people.

Our partners


The project brings together six partners who are already committed to working creatively with older people.  They all have significant experience through education and training activities, volunteering, and community development.  This project creates a means whereby they can share their local good practice with others; all partners can contribute to the learning of others as well as increase their own knowledge, and the results will transcend national boundaries.


Importantly, the results of this project will be incorporated into the ongoing delivery of community and learning services by all partners.  Staff and trainers alike will benefit from professional development opportunities, and the older people involved in the project will benefit from the chance to undertake local and international volunteering.





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Local and international active seniors

For more information please contact Musarat Inayat, telephone 01442 253935.

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