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EVS Slovakia Project

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EVS Slovakia Project

In February 2016 Community Action Dacorum has the pleasure of partnering with Isko (www.isko.net) under Erasmus+, in sending one EVS volunteer to Slovakia for 6 months.


The volunteer wiil work with Isko in setting up projects with youth groups to promote intercultural learning, and international collaboration and communication,  support education about, and usage of, languages and Internet technologies, assist with the validation of the charter of the United Nations and that body's declaration of human rights.



From February 2016 to August 2016.


Who is going ?

Michael Dubery from Haddenham,  approached CAD in January 2016 about an EVS opportunity in Slovakia.


Michael’s background is he has studied Chemistry at Imperial College London and completed a course in English Language teaching CELTA at BSC oxford. In the last couple of years he has been working as a volunteer for Team Up as an English tutor for disadvantaged students, a volunteer at Maya Universe Academy in Nepal as English Tutor and an independent online English Tutor. During this time he has learned tp lesson plan to range of demands and as been quick to learn new skills.


In his private time Michael enjoys martial Arts and ways to interact with other cultures



Michael's motivation to do EVS came from a project called "Polyglot Gathering 2015", where they talked about whether the world needed a common language. Michael passion for language and inequality in the EU lead him to look at opportunities in this area.


Feedback so far

His first 2 months were invested in learning and practising Esperanto. The first couple of weeks he found it tough, as he found it hard to access the conversations floating around the office, but after a month or so he could understand a lot more of conversation.


He has started emailing potential sponsors of the Universal Esperanto Congress, and proof reading the english content of different websites. His primary tasks are cataloguing the library of publications in Esperanto, with a view of selecting some of the old, forgotten works from the start of the 20th Century to be republished and given out at the Universal Congress.

Interested in other Volunteering

If you are interested in volunteering please contact the European Project team at CAD