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EVS in Dacorum II

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Frida Lindqvist, Joanna Dymkowska and Pierfrancesco Micheloni


At the end of summer 2018, Community Action Dacorum welcomed Frida from Sweden, Joanna from Poland and Pierfrancesco from Italy.  They are volunteering in Dacorum under the Erasmus + programme, Frida will stay for 4 months, Joanna and Pierfrancesco will stay until summer 2019.


Frida Lindqvist


My name is Frida and I’m a 20 years old girl from Sweden. I grew up in a suburb to Stockholm called Solna and I lived there until I went on my adventure. Back in Sweden I trained karate and I’ve been active for around nine years. I like to train in my club, it’s where I discovered karate. Last year graduated from High School, a three years program, which was animal inspired program. I really like animals, but I felt that I needed a bit of a change, so I decided to come here and be an EVS. A change in my life wasn’t the only reason I came, I came because I wanted to try my own wings, be more independent and get more experience. I’m here for  total four months and I’m exited.

Joanna Dymkowska


My name is Joanna and I’m polish. Just finished my degree in managing third sector projects. As I am 30 it was a last call for me to participate or not in an EVS (European Voluntary Service). So, last few months I did spend looking for a “right” offer. I wanted something that will give me an opportunity to try out working in different department and on different projects. I really enjoy the fact that Community Action Dacorum gives my opportunities to work on my professional skills (photoshop, web creating, languages, finance) that I learned at University but also incorporate many of my hobbies (like knitting, sewing, biking).  I am very happy for this next adventure.


Penny Clifton

More information

If you want to find out more please read the EVS blog page.


Interested in other Volunteering

If you are interested in volunteering please contact the European Project team at CAD


Pierfrancesco Micheloni


Hi, my name is Pierfrancesco, I was born in Italy, in the Marche region and i will stay here for eleven months. I have always been engaged as a volunteer. I finished my school last year and I studied wine and wine making process. I came here to improve my English because i think i will go to the english university. Also, I would like to meet different people and discover new cultures. This organization has a lot off different projects that are helping people to deal with different problems. That is the reason why I choose it, I like interacting with other people and children.Double

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If You would like to listen to the interviews with our volonteers clikc on the photo