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By matthatton, Dec 17 2018 11:42AM

This is my second, but last post as a blog. I'm very happy to experiancce this and if someone is reading this and is thinking on volunteering overseas, i recommend doing this kind of volunteering. For me these four months has flown by, it feels like it was only yesterday i arrived at Heathrow and I was the nervous gril that was a bit unsure what will happen.

My four months here haven't been just volunteering, I went three times to London. In London, King Cross Train Station and Platform 9 and 3/4 were of my biggest interesst, because it's part of The Harry Potter universe, but also I went to a free Harry Potter Tour. Other stops in London was: Camden Market, unfortunetely I wasn't there for long and I went to Primark on Oxford Street.

On local basis, I went for long walks and I often walked alog the canal. My walks were often alone, but in the beginning of September another EVS form Poland arrived and i had one walkking partner. The walks were more fun with company, but sometimes I still took a walk by myself. Going by the canal was my favourite because you were close to the nature, saw a lot of birds and it was beautiful.

I'm leaving England and it's toughto pack my bags and leave, because i'm leaving one life behind. My lans are thet i would at least come back and visit, or I might decide to come back and stay.

By matthatton, Nov 20 2018 11:44AM

Sorry that I haven’t put up something until now, when I have so short time left on the project. It was a lot to take in at the beginning, but it became easier when the time passed, and I felt more confident.

I love what I’m doing here, and I have meet so many nice people. In September I got some company from two others, who are EVS also. Working within social events and activities has grown more on me than it had back in Sweden.

I really liked working on the Mencap’s activities (Mencap supports people with learning disabilities), because there are so many wonderful people who come to those activities, and it is fun to talk to them and hear what they have to say. One other thing I like as well as the activities with Mencap, is Door 2 Store and it is a service that helps elderly or disabled to the store. What I like with Door 2 Store is the social aspect and helping people that need a bit extra help.

I feel have grown and become more independent since I arrived in England, but let’s see what the time I have left here have to offer. Soon my project will come to an end and I can’t believe that it has been 4 months since I arrived here, the time have gone so fast.

By matthatton, Nov 16 2018 03:53PM

Hiya everyone,

Its been two and a half months and a lot has changed. I got used to being here. I don’t wake up every day at 6 in the morning thinking when can I start doing something. I guess my honey moon period is over, but it was very nice while it lasted. Now I just wake up at 7… big change, i know!

I find few interesting projects. I really enjoy working with Mancap which organise social events for people with disabilities. Working and interacting with people is always a joy for my, but those people are more than nice. I also like working in Radio Dacorum, still thinking of what my show should be about. I do think that I will get inspired soon. For the moment I did my training, assisted Matt and Kris in theirs shows, and did my firs interview as a host. Another project I take delight in is sawing café. As a beginner it is lovely to have occasion to practice and improve my skills. I also in my spear time do the costume for the local pantomime. I have never taken part in any theatre, so it is nice to discover a new creative universe. On Saturdays I occasionally go on a ride with local bike groups (that’s another of my hobbies). And for knitting…oh my life is too busy! I had not knit in a while, my stash is still waiting for me!

I also took my first vacation! I went to Manchester, lovely city with a distinct vibe! Very… not pretty, but also very vibrant! I cannot recommend enough the free walking tour I did there! It’s a nice way to discover any city! My tour included musical history of the city, general history of the city but also tasting of Vimto, listening to the song about it. Google free walking tours 😉 and the Vimto song too! I also went to Windermere in Lake District, half an hour from Manchester! Very picturesque, even with a very cheap phone camera. Four days were definitely not enough.

By matthatton, Nov 16 2018 12:02PM

Hi everyone,

I am Pierfrancesco from Italy. I arrived here more or less 3 months ago. My life here is quiet but full.

During the week in the morning and afternoon for my volunteer opportunities I do a lot of activities. For example I go to the office, to cultural centre or I hang with the people that are disabled and during the free time I go to gym.

In the office the ambience is very friendly and nice but like in the all tings there are time to enjoy and time to work, the work is not hard. Sometimes I work in the Eu Projects with the laptop in excel or world programme and sometime in the Creative Learning where I help the English teachers with their work.

One of the most beautiful things that I do here is going to the cultural centre Swan and Youth booth. I am going 3 evening per week at this place 2 time to Swan and 1 time to Youth booth. I love this place, maybe because I was growing in to the same context, maybe because I love to be with other people. But at the end this place helps people to grow, have a place to go, have something to do and have someone to talk to.

Another important thing that I do here is to stay with people with disabilities. Since working with Mancap I learned that those people in core are the same, have fillings and want human contact. Some time I go to lunch with them or during the Friday evening there is the Zumba course and I go to dance and enjoy the time spent with them.

Obviously, my stay in Hemel Hempstead is not only work, even though this city those not have many young people are a lot of pub where you could know a lot of people. But social life does not finish in Hemel. It is very close to London, only 30 minutes by train. What should I say about London? London is London, one City where you find a million different cultures.

By matthatton, Nov 16 2018 10:37AM

Hi everyone, my name is Joanna and I am from Poland. I am here for 11 months.

I did try to live in Netherland for few months as a ‘fille au paire’(to take care of kids). I did live in France for a while but then I got bored and needed a change. So, I moved back to Poland. To be honest people in Poland are a bit less open to different lifestyles then western countries. In some ways we are conformists like French people, but a bit more closed-minded. And at this point I do not want to discourage you from discover Poland because it is a wonderful country with delightful people. It is just not what I want. I mean I am a little bit over the top… Then once again, I needed to move. I knew that I want to try EVS. I was always close to the charity sector, started to volunteer in animal shelter at 13, studied economy but with special interest for social economy.

What got my attention in this particular EVS was the plurality of different tasks, different projects even though at the beginning it was hard to understand what is what, the whole organisation arrangement. I was sure that in that divers choice I will find something for my.

As I mentioned before I did move to a different country once before, doing it on your own is hard, but here it is so much easier. Everyone is so nice and helpful.

I think the best way to fully discover a culture is to live in it for a while. It is my second stay in England, I came once before for a 1 month vacation in London. But vacations are always different because we tend to be so carefree and it is to short always to really understand different ways of living. I did not see it last time coming that English people are so chatty. Really, even with a cashier in supermarket. And British people do smile a lot to strangers! I am still in awe for all the small villages nearby that for my look soooooo cute. I could just stare in to those small boats in the canal for hours. Event thou I have been here for 3 weeks everything is so impressive mostly because it is new. I hope this will last as long as it can! For months.

My first weeks has been quite busy and exciting, meeting all the new people. At this moment I would like to apologies to all for not remembering ANY names, too much at once and I do not know who is who. But Dear people I do recognise Your faces, just don’t have a name to pair with it! At least not yet. The work is quite interesting because for the moment not two days has been the same. I am constantly trying new things. I must say that my favourite place has to be repair shed because of sewing cafe. I love that I can continue all of my hobbies: sewing, biking and knitting!

Cheers to a great new adventure!

*Written in September on arrival ;)


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