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Pierfrancesco #4 14 days left

By matthatton, Jul 5 2019 01:36PM

Hello everyone I am Pierfrancesco the Italian man.

More or less, I arrived at the end of my experience. when I came here I had no expectations, because I didn’t know nothing about my experience. But in the end I can say that I would have expected a bit more for example: a bit more responsibilities, a bit of harder work and to know more people. Anyway I am happy that i have done this experience because if it will not help my future career it helped me to grow up, to know how to live on my own and to look after myself.

Of course if everything wasn't very good or it was worst than i thought. sometimes it could have been my fault but in the end I am happy to have made this decision 10 months ago. it was very useful for my English and for my life.

Of course i can advise everybody to do this life-experience because surely it will help you to make a decision in your mind and to have a bit more clarity in your mind about what you want to do in your life and how you want take care of it .

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