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Pierfrancesco #3

By matthatton, Feb 26 2019 02:30PM

Hi everybody,

I start to get used to living in Hemel, to be more confident with the town and the british culture. The weather and the temperature are changing, the sun is starting to replace the cloud and rainy days during this period are very beautiful. The parks of the town are full of children who are running and shouting. The sun helps, at least for me, to be happier, considering that in Italy I live near the sea and I love it. It feels a little bit more like at home.

The christmas period was very beautiful, all christams light on in every city. I enjoined myself during this time because I participated in a lot of kind of events. When I was with CAD I dressed up as a Santa Claus and was pulled by a car in my sled. I was going around the city and when the children went out to see me they were impressed and they tried to take a picture with me because they thought that I was the real Santa Claus. At the Swan youth project I was an elf and other elfs with me we were suppose to invole adults and children to enter the Swan to take an hot drink and meet Miss Santa Claus, where she gave some gifts to the children.

What new? So I am living without my family and my friends since September. Of curse I saw them during the Christmas Holidays, but I become more responsible and organise my life, my time and my room. I start feel more comfortable speaking english, this was one of the moste importat reason why I

came here. Every Saturday night I go out with the other EVSs to enjoy a drink in a pub. After the hard firsts few months I am finally happy. I think that it was a good decision to come here 6 months ago. This expirance is very beneficial for me, for my futur careeer.


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