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Joanna #4 More Travel, More Fun

By matthatton, Jun 24 2019 11:05AM

Since my last post I would think that half of the time I was on vacation. I went to Ireland for few days, I want to Bristol for a weekend and then to my first ever music festival: Download festival.

I fell in love with Ireland, its so beautiful. This time I went to Cork, Dingle peninsula and Killarney. Dingle Way was definitely the highlight of that trip. I already started to plan to go back there and walk the whole way. Its not that long but could be combined with Kerry Way to create a lovely long walk like Camino de Santiago. Apart from the obvious fact that both ways are nice hikes, there is no other similarity. But Dingle Way amazed me 5 minutes after getting out of the bus. Its green, wild and fool of sheep, have beautiful sandy beaches. Its it so much in the nature that I had to literally push the sheep away to pass.

Then I went to Bristol with Alice. It was short, but fun. Just two days, but good company always makes it unforgettable.

Download festival was great, it wasn’t exactly my kind of music, as a lot of acts were metal, which is a bit too much for me. But still the atmosphere was great. I was actually volunteering with Oxfam at that one and I think that was the best way to be there. I mean that way you don’t have to pay, but also you get a less crowded camping and great people to meet. I went on my own and I didn’t spend one evening alone. It was a bit wet and muddy all the time but that was the charm of it. I still have one more planed in July: Latitude festival.

This will be one of my last post, I have only one month left. I start to think who will I miss, start to plan last day working in different departments. Also, Alice is going home in few days. The season of goodbyes has begun...

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