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Alice #1 blog: introduction

By matthatton, Apr 1 2019 10:45AM

Hi everybody.

I’m Alice, I’m 22 and I’m from Italy, Sicily. I arrived almost 3 months ago in Hemel Hempstead and my life has changed a lot.

I live in a nice host family and I’m here for 6 months. After my studies to become a nurse, I decided to experience life, to better my English before I start working in a hospital and to take my time to improve myself. EVS is a special and economical way of travelling and learning other languages. Here I work in many different areas. I work in the office (edit forms, movies, excel schedule...) and in a playgroup for toddlers. I work with people with learning disabilities (Mencap), where I do many different activities. I also help elderly people during trips and shoppings. I have quite busy days but also a lot of free time. It surprised me how I feel at home in a different country, probably because of the friendly working environment, along with having two nice EVSs with me and my lovely host family. Usually, during my free time, I go out with the other EVSs to enjoy a drink in a pub or I go to other cities (like Birmingham, London, Oxford...) to visit them.

For me the very hard bit is getting used to the British weather… I’m Sicilian and the climate it’s very different. It is very sad for me that I don’t see the sun for many days.

Anyway, I like my life here and want to learn more British traditions. I love to meet new people, new cultures and my experience here is a good opportunity to do it. With this, I can know myself better, my worth and all, I can get involved and I can appreciate more my culture.

I’m sure this experience will be essential for my future.

Good luck to me!

See you soon.

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