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By matthatton, Apr 18 2019 11:39AM

So its been i while since i posted somthing. There has been a lot of vacationing going on. There has been christmas break, then i took few days off to travel and this weekend is a bank holiday! So a part from previusly describet trip to Manchester, Ive been home, to Dublin, to Cardif. And lets not forget the mid-term training in Birmingham. And now i'll be going to Brighton! I did few hikes around here, next to the canal or in Tring's Natural Park or in Ashridge Park, the flora here is so divers!

I now also have a radio show about cheap traveling, if you didnt get yet that i like to travel! And i think it is the only think that make me stay. As many before i must say that most of the task are very boring: copy - paste - copy - paste. But seeing beautiful nature around England and specialy the coast south from Dublin componsate alot of internal strugle.

Other nice thing is that we met very nice people on our mid-term traning. Volunteering realy make you meet interessting people.

Looking forward to my next vacations!


By matthatton, Apr 1 2019 10:45AM

Hi everybody.

I’m Alice, I’m 22 and I’m from Italy, Sicily. I arrived almost 3 months ago in Hemel Hempstead and my life has changed a lot.

I live in a nice host family and I’m here for 6 months. After my studies to become a nurse, I decided to experience life, to better my English before I start working in a hospital and to take my time to improve myself. EVS is a special and economical way of travelling and learning other languages. Here I work in many different areas. I work in the office (edit forms, movies, excel schedule...) and in a playgroup for toddlers. I work with people with learning disabilities (Mencap), where I do many different activities. I also help elderly people during trips and shoppings. I have quite busy days but also a lot of free time. It surprised me how I feel at home in a different country, probably because of the friendly working environment, along with having two nice EVSs with me and my lovely host family. Usually, during my free time, I go out with the other EVSs to enjoy a drink in a pub or I go to other cities (like Birmingham, London, Oxford...) to visit them.

For me the very hard bit is getting used to the British weather… I’m Sicilian and the climate it’s very different. It is very sad for me that I don’t see the sun for many days.

Anyway, I like my life here and want to learn more British traditions. I love to meet new people, new cultures and my experience here is a good opportunity to do it. With this, I can know myself better, my worth and all, I can get involved and I can appreciate more my culture.

I’m sure this experience will be essential for my future.

Good luck to me!

See you soon.

By matthatton, Feb 26 2019 02:30PM

Hi everybody,

I start to get used to living in Hemel, to be more confident with the town and the british culture. The weather and the temperature are changing, the sun is starting to replace the cloud and rainy days during this period are very beautiful. The parks of the town are full of children who are running and shouting. The sun helps, at least for me, to be happier, considering that in Italy I live near the sea and I love it. It feels a little bit more like at home.

The christmas period was very beautiful, all christams light on in every city. I enjoined myself during this time because I participated in a lot of kind of events. When I was with CAD I dressed up as a Santa Claus and was pulled by a car in my sled. I was going around the city and when the children went out to see me they were impressed and they tried to take a picture with me because they thought that I was the real Santa Claus. At the Swan youth project I was an elf and other elfs with me we were suppose to invole adults and children to enter the Swan to take an hot drink and meet Miss Santa Claus, where she gave some gifts to the children.

What new? So I am living without my family and my friends since September. Of curse I saw them during the Christmas Holidays, but I become more responsible and organise my life, my time and my room. I start feel more comfortable speaking english, this was one of the moste importat reason why I

came here. Every Saturday night I go out with the other EVSs to enjoy a drink in a pub. After the hard firsts few months I am finally happy. I think that it was a good decision to come here 6 months ago. This expirance is very beneficial for me, for my futur careeer.


By matthatton, Dec 17 2018 11:42AM

This is my second, but last post as a blog. I'm very happy to experiancce this and if someone is reading this and is thinking on volunteering overseas, i recommend doing this kind of volunteering. For me these four months has flown by, it feels like it was only yesterday i arrived at Heathrow and I was the nervous gril that was a bit unsure what will happen.

My four months here haven't been just volunteering, I went three times to London. In London, King Cross Train Station and Platform 9 and 3/4 were of my biggest interesst, because it's part of The Harry Potter universe, but also I went to a free Harry Potter Tour. Other stops in London was: Camden Market, unfortunetely I wasn't there for long and I went to Primark on Oxford Street.

On local basis, I went for long walks and I often walked alog the canal. My walks were often alone, but in the beginning of September another EVS form Poland arrived and i had one walkking partner. The walks were more fun with company, but sometimes I still took a walk by myself. Going by the canal was my favourite because you were close to the nature, saw a lot of birds and it was beautiful.

I'm leaving England and it's toughto pack my bags and leave, because i'm leaving one life behind. My lans are thet i would at least come back and visit, or I might decide to come back and stay.

By matthatton, Nov 20 2018 11:44AM

Sorry that I haven’t put up something until now, when I have so short time left on the project. It was a lot to take in at the beginning, but it became easier when the time passed, and I felt more confident.

I love what I’m doing here, and I have meet so many nice people. In September I got some company from two others, who are EVS also. Working within social events and activities has grown more on me than it had back in Sweden.

I really liked working on the Mencap’s activities (Mencap supports people with learning disabilities), because there are so many wonderful people who come to those activities, and it is fun to talk to them and hear what they have to say. One other thing I like as well as the activities with Mencap, is Door 2 Store and it is a service that helps elderly or disabled to the store. What I like with Door 2 Store is the social aspect and helping people that need a bit extra help.

I feel have grown and become more independent since I arrived in England, but let’s see what the time I have left here have to offer. Soon my project will come to an end and I can’t believe that it has been 4 months since I arrived here, the time have gone so fast.


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