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Research shows that diversity in the workplace has a positive impact on the working culture of any organisation -improving the atmosphere, efficiency and even helping innovation.  Organisations are increasingly competing between themselves to recruit and develop talent from minority groups such as women, ethnic minorities, people with a disability, and those over the age of 50.

The project


With the new challenges of IT and the economic crisis it has become evident that people age 50 plus need to assess their competencies & skills and keep them up to date.


This project involved research into the skill sets of people over 50,  with a specific focus on which new competences they need to acquire, which ones to strengthen/update or better communicate and the supporting policies needed in each partner country.


The second part involved training trainers, to prepare them for training people over 50, and a staff exchange to share good practice.   The next element was the creation of an e-portfolio, designed specifically for this target group, followed by the implementation of the Senior Plus Pathway training course to assess and develop their skills and help them utilise their e-portfolio.


The project also provided volunteering experience at local and international level, to foster their self-esteem and self-awareness, to test their competences and feed their motivation to actively participate in their own life and community.  Community Action Dacorum hosted senior volunteers from Latvia, Portugal, France and Italy, who enthusiastically took part in local events and activities across Dacorum during their stay.


Lastly, the European Pathfinders Platform created links between organisations and people over 50, to match volunteers and voluntary opportunities in Europe and in each partner country.




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This project is designed to share knowledge and experience in managing diversity and promoting the idea widely in business and socio-cultural environments.


The project will build an international network of different organsiations, which will share their knowledge and experience.  They will share effective solutions related to managing diversity and overcoming the barriers associated with it.