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Project Partners


Partners are from


Spain : Magenta Consultoria

Projects SL

UK : Community Action Dacorum

Latvia : Gulbenes novada dome

France : Pistes Solidaires


Ireland : Exchange House Ireland

Italy : EURO - NET



More information


The project is funded under Erasmus +

For more information please contact the Project Manager, Musarat Inayat,

at musarat1@communityactiondacorum.org.uk

or +44 1442 253935

European Website

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E+ Round Trip


Seventeen organisations sending volunteers abroad carried out an survey of 46 EVS Volunteers and discovered that 13% of them did not feel well-prepared before starting the project. Similarly, another 13% felt that they weren’t well supported after their return home.


In similar research, conducted by researchyouth.eu, only 8 % considered the project to be well prepared. Many hosting organisations noticed that their international volunteers weren’t  aware of the “what to expect from EVS” document and therefore had false expectations and as a result were often frustrated. In addition, those volunteers were at higher risk of suffering cultural shock.


The solution proposed by this project is to create digital tools to prepare volunteers for their EVS experience, especially as words cannot replace visual representation or direct experience. Secondly, young people can improve their digital skills by using the tools.


The output will consist of an online platform to gather all of the outputs to prepare young people, as well as the sending organisations for the different Erasmus+ programmes.


To make it more widely available and appealing to young people, a mobile application will also be created, meaning that the courses will be accessible offline. There will be three courses on the topics of youth exchange, European volunteering and the post-project valorisation of international experience. The platform will host four e-books containing the courses.


In addition, there is a face to face exchange between volunteers and their sending organisations, to provide an opportunity for questions to be asked and answered.


The main target group is future volunteer; those people who want to volunteer individually or in groups, participants in exchanges as well as future participants of the European Solidarity Corps. In addition, sending organisations are a target group as this tool can improve their knowledge, and render their training more interesting.


The platform will be available to anyone with internet connection.   Free registration on the website  will enable young people with fewer opportunities, living in remote places, or with financial problems to take advantage of training that might otherwise be impossible.


The aim is to have at least 450 people participating in Erasmus+ programmes to take part in these online courses during the two years of the project.