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Community Cars

Community Cars solves transport problems for less able people in Dacorum. Our team of volunteers use their own cars in their free time to drive passengers to their destinations.  


Who are our clients?

Anyone who can't use public transport or taxis due to mobility or medical reasons, either permanent or temporary. To register as a client please complete the registration form CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW TO DOWNLOAD.  Just so you know, anybody using a wheelchair must be able to self-transfer to the car, or take a relative or friend to assist them.


All journeys will be considered, including...

• Hospital, doctor or dental appointments

• Visits to sick friends or relatives

• Day centres and clubs

• Community centres, libraries, hairdressers, etc


How much does it cost?

A realistic charge, based on distance, is agreed at the time of booking to cover the driver's mileage. This is currently set at 65p per mile and the minimum charge for a journey is £6.


How to book

The community cars office is open five days a week, Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm.  Call us on 01442 212888 or email the Booking Co-ordinator on  


You could become a volunteer driver if you...

•  Live in Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted, Tring or one of the surrounding villages in Dacorum

•  Own your own car

•  Can spare a few hours during the day

•  Would like to help people who find it difficult to get out because of their mobility

•  Would like to feel valued, appreciated and useful


Most journeys are local and drivers are paid mileage expenses - no extra insurance is required. If you'd like to take part and support your community, get in touch on 01442 212888 or 01442 253935, or email


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Volunteer with us

We operate our services with the support of a wide base of local volunteers to get involved



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